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Two Simple Steps to Self-Awareness

Self-Awareness gives us the chance to act in ways that maximise our own performance and get the best out of those we lead by removing the ‘interference’ that would otherwise get in the way.

We already have a level of self-awareness and in some of us it could be quite well developed while in others it will be less so. There will also be things that other people know about us that we may or may not know and the Johari Window is a useful way to understand what this means. For more on the Johari Window click here.

The Johari […]

The Importance of Self-Awareness for Leaders

Self-Awareness is essential for anyone aspiring to be an effective leader because it is our awareness of the way we Are and the way we Behave that allows us to understand how we can change and develop.
The ability to recognise and understand personal moods, emotions and drives as well as their effects on others is a key aspect of Emotional Intelligence but Self-Awareness needs to be more than that for leaders. It is also important to understand our strengths, talents, preferences, habits, values, beliefs and how we make decisions to be able to gain a rounded view of how […]