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Memories of Huntcliff

As a young lad, living in Saltburn, it was a short walk to reach the top of Huntcliff and the site of the old signalling station which has been almost completely lost but is marked by an information board.

Standing on the top of Huntcliff, buffeted by the wind blowing in from the North, I would look out to sea beyond the ships waiting for the tide to take them into Tees Dock and gaze at the horizon.

Feeling the solid mass of Huntcliff beneath my feet, tasting the salt sea air from the cold North wind and smelling the seaweed […]

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Training is Essential

If you want to change your life but are not quite sure what it is you want to do, maybe it’s time you tried coaching.

Coaching is not teaching, mentoring, counselling, therapy or just a way of someone else finding the solutions for you.

In coaching, you hold the responsibility for your own life and the results you get from coaching.

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